Places to visit in Goverdhan

Places to visit in Goverdhan

Places to see in Govardhan

The story of Govardhan Parvat is one of the most interesting ones in the Indian mythological history. The word Govardhan is an amalgamation of two words- ‘Go’ means ‘Cow’ and ‘Vardhana’ means ‘to Nourish’. So it was a village where cows and cattle were treated with utmost care. This wonderful story finds detailed mention in ‘Bhagwat Geeta’ and ‘Puranas’ religious texts. Let’s walk you through this story of Krishna’s charisma-

Story: The village elders were preparing for a grand Puja and cattle sacrifice to please Indra, the God of Thunder so that he bestows upon then bountiful rains for a good crop harvest. Little Krishna was all this and made up his mind to stop this fruitless activity. He was a divine person who believed in ‘Karma’ and told the villagers to not to pay much attention on natural phenomenon like rain and carry on their duties of farming and cattle rearing. The elders understood his point and stopped the Puja and this made Indra, the God of Heaven every angry. He summoned ‘Samavartaka’, clouds of devastation and ordered them to lash heavy rains on Vrindavan.

Lord Krishna lifted the huge Govardhan Hill on his little finger and all the villagers and their cattle took refuge under it for 7 days till the rains didn’t stop. People mystically didn’t even feel any hunger due to his divine presence. Lord Indra accepted his defeat after 7 days and the sky became clear again. Moral of the story is that your pride, ego and anger will only bring you suffering in life.

Today Govardhan Puja is celebrated here in a grand way on the next day of Diwali an it was on this day Lord Krishna defeated the ego of Lord Indra. People come from all over the country be a part of this holy celebration

Location: The town of Govardhan is a Tehsil in Mathura district. It is located just 23 kms from the Krishna Janambhoomi of Mathura. Govardhan lies on the road link between Deeg and Mathura. By the way you can take a drive to see the beautiful Lake palaces of Deeg if you have spare day. And you won’t be disappointed.  Let’s now take you to places to see in Govardhan Parikrama which is 21 kms walk.  

1)Govardhan Hill: This holy hill lies between Radha Kund and South of Govardhan town. The height is 100 feet/30 meters above the adjutant surrounding land. Villages of Punchari, Aanyor and Jaitpura surround it.

2)Daanghati Temple: Most people start their parikrama from this temple where a stone sculpture showcase Lord Krishna carrying Govardhan Parvat on his little finger. There are many small temples in this complex. 

3)Laxmi Narayan Temple: Just opposite to Daanghati temple, this was built in 1903 by a wealthy family. It has modern architecture.

4)Mansi Ganga: Krishna’s foster parents wanted to go to visit river Ganga but Krishna by his divine powers brought the waters of Ganga near their home. It is a beautiful close-end lake with few historic temples on its banks.

5)Mukut Mukharvind Temple: This is a major temple is on the banks of Mansi Ganga lake. The front gate has beautiful paintings of Lord Krishna lifting the Govardhan Hill on his little finger. ‘Mukh’ means Face and ‘Arvind’ means Lotus, so the deity of this temple has a lotus like pretty face.  And so this temple is dedicated to ‘Giriraj’, a name for lotus-face Lord Krishna after this incident. Rock from Govardhan Hill is worshipped as a deity here where lots of devotees come to pray. There are many milk and curd selling shops near the temple as it is the chief offerings for the deity.

6)Thakur Hari Dev Ji Temple: Made of red sandstone it stands on the place where Lord Krishna was believed to be standing when he held the Govardhan Hill on his finger. It is near Mansi Ganga Lake.

7)Brahma Kund: An ancient water tank for religious baths near Mansi Ganga Lake.

8)Chakreshwar Mahadev Temple: Dedicated to Lord Shiva this unique temple has 5 Shivlings. The deity is the protector of this holy town. It is located on the periphery of Mansi Ganga Lake.

9)Sankarshan Kund: Balram, elder brother of Lord Krishna is also called ‘Sankarshan’ and this lake and temple is dedicated to him. The entrance is adorned with black stone God-like statues of Dwarpalas/gatekeepers.

10)Govind Kund: This pleasing lake is located in Aniyora village at the foot of Govardhan Hill. It was here God Indra paid respect to Lord Krishna after being defeated. Indra bathed Lord Krishna with milk and bowed down in front of his divine powers. On the southern side there is a small temple dedicated to Radha-Krishna.

11)Airavat Kund:  The celestial white elephant of God Indra was called ‘Airavat’. He brought water from Akash Ganga or the Milky Way Galaxy for the bathing of Lord Krishna. The periphery of this lake has a good construction with steps to sit on.

12)Rudra Kund: This small but eye-pleasing water tank with steps is surrounded by gardens on four sides. It was here Lord Shiva prayed to meet Lord Krishna. Good place to send an evening.

13)Radha Kund and Shyam Kund: These are twin lakes separated by a constructed pathway on which you can take a leisure stroll and enjoy the waters. The pathway also has a small temple on it. Lord Krishna and Radha are the twin deities of this Brij region and are worshipped together.

14)Chandra Sarovar: It is a lovely place with a lake, small temple and trees around. You can stroll around here and have chats with your friends. The small temple on its banks is called the Sringar Temple. ‘Shrigar’ means to beautify and it was here that Lord Krishna decorated his consort Radha with flowers and jewelry. It is just 2kms away from Aniyora village.

15)Kusum Sarovar: It is the most beautiful lake of this region surrounded by well maintained historic buildings. There are a few pathways going inside the lake half-way where you can sit and enjoy the serenity of the water. There is a small Shiva temple here. 

Tips to keep in mind

1) Do not climb the sacred Govardhan Hill.

2) Do not wash your feet in any pond/lake. Taking bath is permitted.

3) Start and end the parikrama with a brief worship at a temple.

4) Cover your head to avoid the heat of the sun.  

How to reach Govardhan

1) Nearest airport is in Delhi, 150 kms away.

2) Trains are connected from Delhi to Mathura. And taxis are readily available for Govardhan (23 kms)

3) Tourist buses are also easily available for Govardhan from Mathura.

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