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Taxi Jaipur to Bikaner:

Bikaner is a vibrant desert town of Rajasthan, 245 km from Jodhpur, 262 km from Ajmer, 329 km from Jaisalmer, 333 km from Jaipur, 435 km from Delhi, 502 km from Udaipur. The Thar Desert in India, Bikaner city is the administrative headquarters of Bikaner district and is one of the famous tourist destinations of Rajasthan.

According to the history of Bikaner, Bikaner was formerly the capital of the province of Bikaner; the town was founded by Rao Sail in 1486 CE, when his father Rao Jodha challenged the founder of Jodhpur to establish his kingdom. Rao Bika traveled far and when he came to a forest named Jangdev, he decided to establish his kingdom and change it to an influential city. The modern Bikaner is the result of the foresight of Maharaja Ganga Singh (1887-1943), his most respected ruler, whose reformed zeal set the pace of change from one state of Bikaner to a major state. Bikaner's strategic location on Eastern caravan routes led to Central Asia, making it a major trading center during the medieval period. Bikaner is one of the rainiest desert cities of Rajasthan state with Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.

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How to reach Bikaner: Jodhpur Airport is the nearest airport, which is about 248 km from Bikaner. The airport is connected by direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai. Bikaner Junction is well connected to the railway with Ahmedabad, Jammu Tawi, Jaipur, New Delhi, Mumbai, Jodhpur, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Trichy, Guwahati, Bangalore, Haridwar, Coimbatore, Sri Ganganagar, Chennai, Jaisalmer, and Puri. There are also many bus services in major cities like Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Delhi, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Ajmer, Ahmedabad, and Kota. If you can reach Jaipur by the airport, By train, by bus then you can check here the best Taxi in Jaipur, for Bikaner tourism. 

Bikaner Tourist Places in Taxi Tour Packages

Junagadh Fort Bikaner:

The fort of Junagadh is 2 km from Bikaner Junction Railway Station, a historic fort located in the Bikaner city of Rajasthan, India. It is one of the main fortresses of Rajasthan which is not built on top of a hill and is one of the major places to look at in Bikaner.

Basically, it is known as the Chintamani, the name of the fort was changed to Junagadh or 'old fort' at the beginning of the 20th century when the ruling family went to Lalgarh Palace outside the fort. The modern city of Bikaner has developed around the fort. Junagadh Fort was originally built by Raja Rai Singh, 6th ruler of Bikaner between 1589 and 1593 AD. Later, many kings constructed many of these, resulting in many palaces, museums, temples, and gardens being in this palace complex. This fort has been attacked many times but never won. Only Kamar Mirza, who was Babar's son, was able to capture the fort but could not maintain his hold for more than a day.

Lalgarh Place Bikaner

A royal palace situated in Lalgarh Palace Bikaner, 4 km from Bikaner Junction Railway Station. It is one of the few palaces started by the British kings for Indian kings and Rajasthan is one of the top places to experience tourism.

Standing between the majestic splendors and expressing the glorious stories of royalty, Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner is one of the most attractive palaces in the history of Rajasthan. The palace was built between 1902 and 1926 CE by British architect Sir Samuel Swanton Jacob for Maharaja Ganga Singh.

Bhandasar Jain Temple

A distance of 2.5 km from Bikaner Junction, Bhandasar Jain temple is an ancient temple located in Bikaner city of Rajasthan. It is one of the top places of pilgrimage in Bikaner and it is also one of the most fun Bikaner tourist attractions.

Jamsar Mandir was built in 1468 by a Jain trader, Bhandda Oswal, and completed in 1514 AD after his death. This temple is dedicated to Sumatinath, the fifth Tirthankara. It is believed that the temple was built with 40,000 kilograms of ghee instead of mortar, which local people fire on hot days through the walls. You can book a Car rental in Jaipur, through official website of Taxi Rajasthan. 

Lakshmi Niwas Palace:

Lakshmi Niwas Palace is a heritage building situated in the Lalgarh Palace complex of Bikaner, Rajasthan, 5 km from Bikaner Junction Railway Station. It is one of the beautiful royal palaces of Rajasthan and is one of the top heritage places to visit Bikaner.

Lakshmi Niwas Palace was the former presidential palace of Maharaja Ganga Singh, king of Bikaner. Built between 1898 and 1902 CE, Lakshmi Niwas Palace was started by Maharaja Sir Ganga Singh and was designed by Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob. The Maharaja of Bikaner was also motivated to build a palace as a means of encouraging employment in this area. Upon its completion, the plan was planned to expand the property, which was made to expand the property in the large Lalgarh Palace built between 1902 and 1926 AD.

Ganga Government Museum Bikaner

Ganga Singh Museum is one of the most important museums located in Bikaner, 3 km from Bikaner Junction Railway Station. This is the best museum in Rajasthan state and one of the famous places in Bikaner's sightseeing.

Founded in 1937 by Maharaja Ganga Singh, the Ganga Singh Museum shows a wide range of articles, hunting trophies, and archaeological samples. These samples belong to the Harappan era and the early part of the Gupta period. According to archaeologists, these articles put light on many dark areas of India's history. Ganga Singh Museum is located near Lalgarh Palace from 1937 but later transferred to Civil Lines in 1954 and administered by the Rajasthan Government.

Rampuria Haveli Group (Group of Rampuria Havelis Bikaner)

Rampuriya Mansion is a group of the mansion located in Bikaner, Rajasthan, 2 km away from Bikaner Junction Railway Station. Rampuria Group of Havelis is one of the famous heritage sites in Bikaner, and one of the top Bikaner tourist destinations.

The Rampuria group of the Hamps is one of the well-known Haveli in Bikaner and is known for more than 400 old architectural glories. In this Haveli was constructed by Baluji Chalva under the order of a prosperous businessman Rampriya family. It is said that the construction of the mansion was started from the 15th century. Rampriya Traders used to go for foreign trade for 9 months each year. And spent 3 months to decorate their houses and enjoying at home.

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