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If Rajasthan is the crown of tourism in India, Ajmer should have a blue sapphire in that crown. During the reign of Rajput King Prithviraj Chauhan, once the fort of Chauhan dynasty, Ajmer city has a rich history which saw the rise and fall of various dynasties. The city was established by King Ajaypal Chauhan in the 7th millennium.

A mixture of cultures is found in Ajmer located about 130 km from Rajasthan's capital Jaipur. In Ajmer, there is a confluence of the shrines of Hindu and Muslim religions. A spectacular example of unity in diversity is Ajmer. This shrine is only 14 kilometers away from Pushkar.

Chief of both Hindu and Muslim, Both pilgrims reach here because the pilgrimage is so close by. While there is Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer, according to the belief of Hindu religion, Brahma's only temple is located in Pushkar. The Golden Jain Temple is also located in Pushkar. A not only pilgrim but Ajmer is also the center of attraction for tourists.

Here the sight of the Lake Aanasagar attracts everyone's mind. Apart from this, Ajmer is seen among the peaks of Aravali, with very beautiful scenery of nature. Here is the 12th Century Taragarh Fort located on the Nag Pahadi. From here, you get a wonderful view of the whole city. Those who are interested in history, they also roam the eight-day hut. This historical mosque was built by Qutbuddin Aibak.

How to reach Ajmer

Fight: Jaipur is the nearest airport to Ajmer. Ajmer from Jaipur can be reached in 2-3 hours. A taxi can be taken from Jaipur Airport to Ajmer.

Rail: Ajmer Junction falls on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Jaipur-Delhi line. It is connected to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Lucknow, Allahabad, and Kolkata.

Bus: Rajasthan State Road Transport Buses are easily available from cities like Delhi, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer. You can book taxi Jaipur to Ajmer in front of Jaipur bus stop. 

Places to see in Ajmer

Dargah of Khwaja saheb

The dargah of Khwaja Saheb or Khwaja Sharif is under a barren hill. This is the place for the Muslims of South Asia after Mecca and Medina. It is said that Akbar used to come from Agra once a year to the dargah here. The tomb of a marble dome is in the middle of the other courtyard and it is surrounded by silver platforms. There is also a second mosque in this courtyard built by Shah Jahan. In this holy place, this mosque is the most beautiful of all the constructions present in the dargah.

Dhaai Din Ka Jhopda

The Dhaai Din Ka Jhopda is a magnificent structure that is a masterpiece of Indo-Islamic architecture and is situated in front of the hill in the outskirts of the city. It is believed that it took Dhaai Din Ka Jhopda days to build it. It was originally a Sanskrit college built inside the temple. In 1193, Mohammad Ghauri conquered Ajmer and converted seven buildings into the mosque with the walls of the pillars. It was completed in eight and a half days so it got its name. You can visit Ajmer – Pushkar tour with Car Rental in Jaipur. 

Soni Ji Ki Nasiya Temple

There is also a Jain temple of Ramesh made in 1865 in the name of Nairiya Temple in Ajmer. In this two-story building, the descriptions of Jain mythology and old Jain concepts on wood gilt.

Lakes in Ajmer

There are many lakes in Ajmer, such as the Ana Sagar Lake built by Luni Dam in 1135-1150 AD. This artificial lake is surrounded by hills and its shore is a beautiful garden called Daulat Bagh. All these aspects make it a perfect place for morning and evening walks. Fei-Sagar is a valley 5 kilometres from the city and 3 kilometres from Aana Sagar Lake.

Fort in Ajmer

Built during the famine relief program and after its construction, its name was named after its engineer, giving beautiful views on seeing from its beautiful lake mountain. Taragarh Fort of Ajmer is on a hill on a half-hour direct climb from a Dhaai Din Ka Jhopda. From here you get a very spectacular view of the city with Taxi Services in Jaipur.

Museum in Ajmer

During the Mughal period, this fort was a place of military activity. Akbar built it in 1570, later it was used as a British hospital. This royal palace of Akbar, built with red sandstone stones, has turned into a museum in today's era and has a magnificent collection of Mughal and Rajput Arsenal. Very close to the main post office, this museum contains some of the most beautiful sculptures of this region in the 8th century, along with old weapons, miniatures, ancient inscriptions and stone sculptures.

Tourist places Near Ajmer

The Pushkar fair can also be visited every year from Ajmer to Pushkar, the neighbouring city. In Pushkar Fair, which takes place in the month of Kartik, Pushkar town becomes very colorful and stirred. Hindu pilgrims visit Kartik Purnima to take a holy dip in Pushkar Lake. The fair is also famous in this fair, there is a trade of camels in it. Here camels are bought, sold, decorated and their parades are on the dunes of sand which is a viewable view. People come in large numbers to see the race of camels, horses, and donkeys here. The Pushkar Fair attracts people from the villages of many parts of the state, apart from performing traditional items, coloring here also with songs and music.

There are about 400 temples in Pushkar and it is famous as a spiritual tourist destination. Here is the most famous Father Shri Brahma Temple. It is believed that this is the only temple in the world dedicated to Lord Brahma. Apart from this, there is a Savitri temple facing the Pushkar Lake, Varah Temple, Mahadev Temple, and Ramavakkunda Temple. There are many ghats on the holy Pushkar Lake, where water is famous for washing the sins of life. You can check our Jaipur Ajmer Tour Packages for the book a Taxi Jaipur to Ajmer

There is a demand for famous places around Ajmer. It is famous for two rare species of trees called 'Kalp-tree', which is 26 kilometers away from Ajmer, 800 years old. People come here for the whole year, but thousands of people come to worship them on the Shravan Amavasya. Beawar, 54 kilometers from Ajmer, is famous for the governance procession, which is coming out the next day of Holi. In this, a large number of people participate and throw glass on each other. Kishangarh is 27 km from Ajmer. Here was the best school of miniature paintings during the 18th century. Badnor, 80 kilometers from Ajmer, is known for its 500-year-old grand fort. The small village of Rajasthan, 90 kilometers away from Ajmer, is the best stopover for those traveling between Peshcheshwar Ajmer and Jaipur. Migratory birds come in thousands of tens of thousands of winter in the lake of Pacheshwar, and this view is very much appreciated by the tourists.

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